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Style guide

Our goal is to brighten your day and make you smile; whether it’s with a bad joke on our social media, or simply because our e-vehicle is right where you need it to be. This purpose is reflected in all aspects of our brand. On this page you’ll find all the resources you need and you’ll learn how to use them. Check it out!

Brand colors

Our brand colors are green, orange, rust and white. These four together represent our core values and make our brand recognizable. That’s why we love them so much. After reading the info below, you will understand why.

GO Sharing Green stands for sustainability, safety, renewing, growth and ambition. We use Green as our main color, it emphasizes how much we care about our green planet and the color stands out. 


GO Sharing Orange stands for emotion, fun, energy, movement, playliness & accessibility. Since Orange is a complementary color to Green, we use this color to create a powerful contrast. 


GO Sharing Rust stands for action, excitement and movement. So I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise that we’re using this as our action color!


GO Sharing White stands for light, simplicity, brightness and a new beginning. The combination of this supporting color with Green, Orange and Rust creates a fresh and pleasant look.

Supporting colors

In addition to our brand colors, we also use our supporting colors. By doing so, we create a playful and colorful brand.




White on green
Green on white
White on one of our brand colors
White on an image
An incomplete version
A self-created version
A version with not approved colors
A version with our logo in a colored block on an image




We use The Bold Font (12pt) for our GO and Caviar Dreams (38,832 pt) for our Sharing. The GO has an illustrated rounded corner, to evoke a feeling of movement and liveliness. Cause.. we’re always on the move.    


Urban Grotesk Family        

Font styles as Urban Grotesk can be seen as the ‘canon’ of esthetical criteria for most of the modern font styles. The sans serif font styles create a large range of weights; these different Urban Grotesk weights make it possible to create perfect combinations. Just as our products do. To conclude; Urban Grotesk is universal and all-round, and… ofcourse urban!           


Google font: Noto Sans        

The font Noto Sans is an alternative font whenever Urban Grotesk can’t be used. Noto Sans can also be used for print.        

Iconography & Illustrations


You can sense movement and liveliness in our GO Sharing cities. We also want to reflect this feeling in our icons and illustrations. Therefore we made our icons and illustrations simple and similar. By using the same shapes in every content, we bring our brand to life; down to the smallest details.
sust-operation.svg A green planet
flexibel-slim.svg Flexible
planet-fun-3.svg A fun planet
community.svg Shared mobility
nature-2.svg Nature
for-everybody.svg For everyone
rocket.svg Launches
green-sust.svg Electric

Visual design system

Brand elements    

GO Sharing helps people to move from A to B and further on. Moving through the cities always takes place via lines, curves and roundabouts; shapes that recur in the brand elements of GO Sharing.  The rounded shapes evoke a feeling of movement and liveliness. We’re moving towards a healthy, more sustainable and livable future with electric shared mobility for everyone. Our imagery also expresses friendliness, accessibility and flexibility. Because that’s also what GO Sharing stands for.     



We have lots of images, and the best part of all; you can use them! For example, use them as a screensaver, hang them in your room or just feel free to use them in your news articles.  
  • PS – We’d love to get some credit for our efforts 😉

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